Meet the 2010–2011 High School Team


The International Association for Astronomical Studies (IAAS) was founded at North High School in 1978 to enhance students’ current skills and capabilities, and to expand individual interests and knowledge. Over the past thirty-two years, the students have done various types of scientific projects, such as studying Saturn’s rings systems, solar and lunar eclipses, and studying radio emission spectra. Many of the students have traveled extensively and given presentations at local, national, and international conferences on topics of youth astronomy research and scientific programs.

The IAAS students have designed a model of our primordial Moon, section by section, to what it might have looked like billions of years ago when the Moon first formed.  They have also designed other lunar animations and interviewed CLOE scientists to learn more about their research.  Student benefits from this project have included development of self-confidence, and learning to apply their entire core discipline subject from school to their individual work on programs and projects, working with teams, and working in real-world/real-time projects and programs.


Ann:  I like to be involved in various activities.  I am part of the student council, YESS mentoring program and I am also on the varsity volley ball team.  My goal is to graduate and go to Regis University.  I do not have a college major as yet.


Anthony:  I am involved in hockey.  My goal is to get good grades and graduate and head off to college to play hockey.


Brandi:  My hobbies are painting, drawing, poetry, reading and playing video games.  I am on the yearbook staff, volunteer in the JROTC and book club.  I want to graduate and go to Johnson and Wales University to become a pastry chef.


Elijah:  I like playing sports.  School and studies are an essential part of my life.


Jeremy:  My passion is drawing and animating, whether it’s 2D or 3D. I love fantasy. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan and playing video games one of my hobbies. I’m a Jehovah’s Witness (Christian) and without it I would not be alive. I love music; I play piano as another one of my hobbies. My goal is to become a successful animator, creating works of art for the world to enjoy.


Jose:  My favorite hobby is weight training and martial arts.  My goal is to join the MNA, a martial arts organization.


Kendra:  I enjoy reading, writing, playing basketball, and most of all hanging with friends and family. In my future I plan to be a caseworker.


Marissa:  I like working with organizations here at school and with other students as Vice President.  Now with the experiences I have had studying the Moon, I’m interested in going to college at CU Boulder.  I love to write, so I believe something along these lines will be the best for me.


Mayra:  I hope to be accepted to Maire Costa Cottage and earn college credit.  I like to help people that need it.  I also am studying French.  I really like being with my friends. I like studying astronomy, especially the Moon.  I am a very happy person and like to make people smile.


Raymond:  I want to graduate and study to become an FBI or CBI agent.  I like playing video games which lead me to my career goals.


Santana: My favorite things to do are play sports—mostly basketball and football, and going to school. I want to become a doctor or a caseworker. I really enjoy learning about the Earth, atmosphere, and the Moon.


Shaun: This is my second year in animation.  I like to do a lot outdoor stuff and JROTC like Color Guard, Drill Team, Staff, and Rifle Team.  I help out with radio astronomy, GAVRT runs, and aviation with Professor Moravic.  In the future I am going to join the Army as a general engineer.  I like to help others who have had the same problems I had in high school.  I like to create animations.