Meet the 2011–2012 Walden School Team

David Black teaches astronomy, earth science, multimedia, and 3D animation courses at Walden School of Liberal Arts, a charter high school in Provo, Utah. As part of a 3D modeling and animation course, including a unit on scientific visualization, his students have been able to create animations.  In the fall of 2011, the astrobiology class studied the materials and created storyboards of what the completed animations will look like; since then, they have worked with 3D LOLA data to examine various lunar features.  Their primary project has been to create a narrated animation of the Moon’s formation.



ColemanColman: I am interested in many types of media, most prominent among them is writing (both music and books) and art (Sketch, Adobre Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and sculpture).  The reason I am doing this moon animation is because it is the MOON dagnabbit!


MaxMax.  I'm a guy who likes to cook wonderfully-tasting things.  Whenever I have free time, I'll try to cook something new and exciting.  I'm not a huge gamer, but I do enjoy playing video games when i have spare time.  one of my favorites is The Devil May Cry.  I also enjoy playing chess--like a lot.  Anyway, I love where I go to school because I feel like everyone there is veer accepting and willing to be friends.  I'm really enjoying my 3D modeling class, and that's about it. Enjoy my little model!  


ScottyScotty: I’m a sophomore at Walden School of Liberal Arts. I’ve taken classes in astronomy and astrobiology, and I also enjoy computer programming. I started learning 3D modeling at the beginning of this school year. It is lots of fun to be able to create so much, and make it look so cool.


SidneySidney: I go by Sid.  I was born in Provo, Utah, and lived a bit of a transient life, moving to a new school and region each year until once again settling in Provo for Middle School.  I then joined the Walden School of Liberal Arts for high school, and have enjoyed it thoroughly ever since.  I'm a published poet and a writer of both novels and short stories... and I've had some experience with documentary film making.  In my multimedia classes, I've studied Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Bryce 7, and Carrara.  I've always been interested in NASA, but until now, I've not known how to get involved.  It was always just some large name advanced beyond my comprehension, but now I know I can understand greater scientific endeavors, and am glad for this chance to participate.