Meet the 2011–2012 Lincolnton High School Team

Kathy Bosiak’s Earth and Environmental Science class has been studying the Moon and five groups of students have worked to design a logo, a new webpage of lunar content for students, interview questions for the CLOE scientists, and blogs this semester.  Additional topics their class covers include the structure and composition of earth's surface and sub- surface, the history of the Earth, weather, natural resources and astronomy.



Alonso:  I am from Mexico. I am a 10th grader in Lincolnton High School. I play soccer. I will always listen to music. I am really crazy. My favorite color is red and black. I like to wear hats and glasses. I like to learn. I am always interested in a lot of things. I will make sure everybody sees what we are doing.


Amber:. I am 15 years old and go to Lincolnton High School. I am originally from West Virginia. I moved here in 7th grade. My favorite thing to do is ride 4-wheelers and fish. My favorite class is JROTC. Our class already separated in 6 groups for the project you’re letting us do. I am in the Publishing group because I like to take pictures and that sort of thing. I am glad you chose our class for this amazing project.


Andrew:  I am probably the smartest, kindest, and most respectful student here at Lincolnton High. You made a great choice! My class is filled with many students like me, although I am the most unique.  I am truly glad we were chosen. We will not let you down!


Austin:  I have seven sisters and three brothers. I am a great football and basketball player. I also rap and write lyrics. I am a great artist also.


Bella:  I have lived in Lincolnton, NC all of my life. I am a freshman at Lincolnton High School, “The Best High School in Lincoln County.”  I am an awesome person unless people get under my skin.  I am in a rocking new powered wheelchair. I am known as “Speedy.”  I love Mrs. Bosiak. She is an awesome teacher and I am so excited to get to work with you. I hope and know that this will be a great project. You won’t be disappointed.


Chalyn:  I am 15 years old. I love to get my nails done. I am going to be in the Marines when I get older. I have a brother and sister. I am the youngest. I was born in Gastonia, but I have lived in Lincolnton my whole life.  I like puppies. I am nowhere near as smart as an honors student. I love Duke! It is my favorite basketball team. I am in ROTC. It is my favorite class. I am very happy our class was picked to do the NASA project. I am in the Publishing group so you are going to have a bunch of pictures of the stuff we are doing. Oh yeah, Green Bay Packers is my favorite football team.


Clyde:  I am 14 years old and originally from Lincolnton, North Carolina. I am a very good drawer and I am very creative. I wanted to help create the logo because I like drawing, but I got put in the website design group which is still okay. I always make A’s and B’s in school so I will do a good job at helping design the website.


Ethan:  I am on the group that is going to be asking questions of the scientists at NASA and it is a real honor. Not just for me, but the whole class. There are five groups working on this. I am currently in the 9th grade working on being in the top 30 of our Class of 2014. After high school I am going to master in writing and get a PhD in some history, but right now I am just trying to bring my class rank up.


Heiydia:  Last semester, I was the only freshman in my Algebra II honors class. On my exam for that class I made a 100. In 6th grade out of the whole Catawba County, I got a 1,000 dollar scholarship to go to CUCC. I don’t know if I’m going but that’s how awesome I am. I am the world’s greatest friend. One of my friends once told me she could come to me on any situation and not be called stupid about it. I love myself.


Jacquelene:   I go by Jackie. I am originally from Sonora, Mexico. I moved to Lincolnton, North Carolina when I was not even a year old. I think you did an amazing job on choosing our class at Lincolnton High School to participate in this event.  We have already separated in five groups. I am part of the publishing group and will be in charge or getting the word out.  For example, me and five other students will be talking to the board of Education, the Principal, and many others. Our class is honored to be chosen and will be sure to make it a success.

Jasmin:  I am an outgoing girl. I love to sing in the shower. I love to talk. I have to match everything. I hate sharing my name. My favorite color is lime green. I am a hard worker. I have two nicknames.  “Jazziepooh” came from Winnie the Pooh.  “Gigglebox” came from me laughing a lot. I am the only girl and I am between 2 boys and it sucks. I am from California, but lived here since I was 6.

Jasmine:  I am from Lincolnton, North Carolina. I am in the 9th grade. I am happy that you chose our school to make a website. I am really excited about writing questions therefore; I am in one of the groups for the website.  I also wanted to be in the publishing group because I like to take pictures of important things, but I will just cut it short and say that I can’t wait to start and I hope you like the website.

Jose:   I am a Hispanic. I am very talented in a lot of activities. Well first, I am very skilled in art. From shading to pointing, I can do almost anything. To show how good I am, people in my art class were always asking for my help.  In my most favorite school subject, I was the best student in the semester when I had Algebra.  I bested everyone when I scored a 100 on a benchmark test and was the only one who made it.  So far, I have been in the A/B honor roll since middle school. 

I can also perform very well at drums. My father taught me the basics and I alone had performed better and better to this day. I have played other instruments good such as the piano. I now do not play the piano anymore for it has been a few years since I have played.

Joseph:  I am a student here at Lincolnton high School. I am an A/B honor roll student whose strongest subject is Math. I have the job of helping create the logo for the website and I am very excited to do this, not to brag, but I have been a good drawer which I learned from my cousin who taught me a little about drawing and he has made paintings and drawings that the principal takes and puts them up around the school. I have one weakness with drawing and that is that I mainly draw in black and white and use to shading. Well thanks for accepting this and ready to speak you with the class.

Joshua: I was born and raised in Lincolnton. My mom and sister were born in Costa Rica, and my dad was born here in North Carolina. About me: I broke my upper arm in 7th grade and took about 2 months to heal. My favorite sports teams are, Boston Red Sox, Jacksonville Jaguars. I don’t really have a favorite basketball team except Carolina.

Jorge:  I am originally from Mexico. I am a ninth grader for Lincolnton High School. I think you made a really good choice to choose my class. I am in the group that is responsible for the logo or the website. Right now, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in the logo. Actually, I am really interested in working on this. I have always wanted to work with NASA. I hope that when I grow up to work with NASA or possibly be an astronaut. All the space things fascinate me a lot! I am really looking forward to working on this and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Julius:  I am a smart student at Lincolnton High School. I am one of the fastest kids at my school. I make straight A’s and study hard and I love doing work. I like learning about the moon and how things were formed. I am majored in science and love helping out other people. I am a hard worker.

Ketawan:  I’m sexy and I know it. I love to play basketball. I play for the best school ever! I got put in the blog group. This will be the best blog because I’m in it.

Michael:  I am originally from here in Lincolnton. My favorite team in the NFL is the Dallas Cowboys. I do not really like NASCAR any more. It is not really racing anymore. I think this project will be fun.

Mikayla:  I am a freshman at Lincolnton High School. I was an off and on starter on the J.V. basketball team. I continue to make good grades, at the best high school. Choosing my class was an awesome choice. I am in the greatest earth environmental science class ever.

Natasha: I am in the 9th grade. I am in track. I think you made the right choice choosing our class to do the logo. I think it is really cool. I am going to write questions with my group. I am going to think of the best question ever. I am so excited about this. I go to the best school around and it is Lincolnton High School, home of the Wolves. I am going to make sure I become a veterinarian when I grow up. I am also nice, kind, and shy around new people. I love to try new things. I am 15 years old. I have two sisters. One goes to Lincolnton Middle and the other goes to Battleground Elementary School. I am the oldest. Thank you for choosing our class to do the logo.

Payton:  I am 14 years old. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am in the blogging group. I am not the smartest person but I am up there. I love helping with things especially when needed, and I’m probably not going into collage because I am going to the Navy.

Quavis:  I am from Lincolnton, North Carolina. I am 15 years old. I am responsible for website design. Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity to my class.

Samantha:    I am in the Logo Group. I love art. I like to paint and draw in my spare time. I am also involved in the Marching Band. I play the flute. I am also on the Color Guard. I am a 12th grader. When I go to college, I plan on majoring in graphic design. I love to create stuff new. I am really looking forward to creating an awesome logo for this website. It is going to be an excellent experience. Thank you for choosing Lincolnton high School. You will not regret it.

Timothy:  I am originally from Silver Spring, Maryland. I am usually and A or A/B honor roll student. My group for this project is that I am part of logo design. I do a lot of strange things that really make me who I am.  In the future I plan to be in the Marine Corps and be able to have 2 years of college. I definitely hope that I can have my own business where I live.