Ways to Get Involved

MyMoon is an evolving collaboration of scientists, artists, and the members of the Net Generation. Participate in contests, discussion groups, and live Web-conferenced presentations. Share your thoughts, creations, and experiences relating to Earth’s Moon through MyMoon groups on Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. 

Connect to the Moon
Get involved in NASA's lunar missions and science! Navigate menus of high-quality programs, activities, and information designed just for you! Explore sections for inquisitive people and their families, teachers, students, and informal educators.

High School Research Projects
Selected teams of high school students from across the nation are engaged in the process of science while supporting NASA Lunar Science Institute researchers in their quest to understand our Moon and prepare for future human exploration. At the end of their research experience, student teams present their research to a panel of lunar scientists.

Traveling Lunar Exhibits
For institutions serving public audiences only: share lunar science topics with the public through fantastic traveling exhibits.  Designed for libraries, these banners use colorful images and text to share current lunar science and exploration stories.

Explore! Marvel Moon
This site, created for informal educators, will acquaint visitors with NASA's investigations into the ongoing saga that has shaped our Moon.  It includes activities for children, background information, and a variety of resources.