The Earth and the MoonThe Moon impacts our life on Earth more than we think. The Earth and the Moon are held one another by gravity. Their constant wrestling of gravity is the major factor in affecting our ocean's tides. Earth pulls on the Moon and keeps it in orbit around the Earth, but the Moon also pulls on Earth. When it pulls on the oceans, the water bulges out toward the Moon. When the water bulges up, we get high tide. The sun also pulls lightly on the ocean, but the pull of the Moon causes majority of the tides.

Spring Tide

Neap Tide

The forces can cause either drastically high or low tides, and those are called spring tides. This is because when the sun and Moon are aligned. While the name can suggest that tides are affected by the seasons, they are not. When it's not so dramatic and the tides are not either very high or too low, they are called neap tides. The gravitational forces cancel each other out.
Moon Tides - How The Moon Affects Ocean Tides...

So, next time you take a visit to the ocean at night, look up at the sky and appreciate the Moon.

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