Primordial Moon

An artistic approach to science

Descriptions in bold were written by students at North High School, Denver

Additional text supplied by education specialists at the Lunar and Planetary Institute

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Looking back in time, "we believe" the Moon is about 4.5 billion years old.  This animation shows the molten lunar material beginning to cool. 

While the Moon has not had an atmosphere for billions of years, it may have had a thin atmosphere when it first formed, due to the outpouring gases and its pull on the surrounding gas from its explosive formation. 

There an asteroid was zipping through the lifeless void of space, rapidly approaching its final fatal destination…the Moon.  Rushing to the Moon’s desolate surface, it penetrates the primordial heat haze.  Whabamm!!!!  Greater than any atomic bomb blast, it strikes.  As the ejecta flies off the lunar surface, a crater is born.

The sounds are for effect — the vacuum of space would have prevented any noises from this explosion.  There were large amounts of debris leftover from the formation of the planets and from the Moon’s own formation; this rocky material would have continually pummeled the Moon and Earth shortly after their formation.